As a locally owned and operated business for 33 years, ECD understands the local fire alarm codes and regulations. We are proud to provide you with a single source for your life safety solutions and service needs.

“Alert” The latest challenge for large buildings is coming from fire departments enforcing NFPA 2010 for Building Radio Enhancement Systems to ensure first responder trunked radios work everywhere in every situation.  BDA “Bi-Directional Amplification” is the solution.  Now with ECD Systems you can fulfill this newly enforced requirement with a Fire Alarm / Life Safety Expert.  We understand the codes and work everyday with the AHJ’s to help building owners comply with federal and local requirements.

BDA “Bi-Directional Amplification”

ECD Systems is a fully FCC licensed, Notifier certified provider of First Responder Emergency Radio Enhancement Systems for large buildings with trunked radio coverage problems. NFPA 72 has required BDA systems in buildings with coverage deficits since 2010 and most fire departments are now enforcing the requirements leaving building owners to solve the problems with spotty coverage.  ECD Systems can help.

  • ECD Systems performs site surveys to determine radio coverage problems in any building.
  • ECD Systems provides BDA System designs, consulting and budgets for early construction projects with coverage concerns.
  • ECD Systems will design, install, service and tune a fully UL 2524 Listed BDA system for any facility.
  • Yearly tuning and testing is required by licensed professionals and performed by ECD trained staff.

The Notifier BDA System has several benefits over older DAS solutions from radio companies who don’t understand Life Safety.

  • More cost effective than typical DAS solutions.
  • Supports all Public Safety Frequency Bands.
  • UL2524 Listed as a complete system.
  • NFPA 72, NFPA 1221 and IFC Compliant.
  • Built in NFPA required Fire Alarm Monitoring Module and required built in annunciator.

Unlike a typical DAS (distributed antenna system) BDA is “purpose-built” for the life safety industry to serve the latest code requirements and needs of First Responders.  Contact an ECD Systems BDA specialist to start a conversation about making your building compliant with the current Fire Department requirements in your city.

Fire Alarm System Solutions and Service

Our 33 year history designing, installing and servicing Fire Life Safety Solutions for all buildings leaves ECD Systems one of the Southwests most experienced fire alarm companies.  We make a special effort to thoroughly test and inspect all of your system’s components for proper operation. The most current techniques and equipment are utilized on every inspection to meet the rigorous requirements of today’s complex fire alarm systems. Life Safety Technology We can significantly reduce unwanted false alarms by keeping your smoke detectors clean and ready to respond to the required sensitivity level. Upon completion, we will provide you with detailed documentation as outlined by the National Fire Protection Association and your local authority.

Security System Service

We have established a successful track record in designing and installing integrated security systems. Our technicians are experienced in servicing the access control, intrusion, closed circuit television and communications systems that protect your building and its occupants from any unwanted entry.

VIDEO SECURITY SOLUTIONS Avigilon and ECD Systems in Arizona

Nurse Call System Service

We are well versed on the service and training needs for all size facilities. We have provided and serviced nurse call systems for some of the leading hospitals serving Arizona. We understand what it takes to make sure these critical systems are operating as designed and your staff is properly trained to maximize system operation.

Fire Sprinkler System Service

As a single source provider for your life safety service needs, we provide the inspection, maintenance, and servicing of all types of fire sprinkler, fire extinguisher, and special hazards systems. We make sure your systems are tested and inspected as required.

24-Hours a Day Service

ECD Systems service representatives are on call and available 24/7 for prompt dispatch to your facility. We will develop a plan to deliver the needed level of response so you’ll know your people and property are protected around the clock.